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Los Angeles dog trainer with experience and real understanding of canine behavior

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Welcome to Alpha Dog Training


We offer customized dog training that fits your lifestyle and schedule, and is adapted to your dog’s breed and personality.

Our regular obedience program will teach your dog good habits using training methods selected to suit you and your dog.

Our puppy program aims to integrate your puppy as a well-behaved and well-socialized member of your family and to prevent behavior problems.

Our teenage program addresses the behaviors and training needed to control the young adolescent dog – including the “terrible teens”.

We are very experienced in resolving all kinds of behavior issues, In particular we specialize in correcting aggressive behavior and anxiety problems.

We also offer training to  help you if you want to show your dog or enter it in  competition obedience.

We offer one time counseling sessions for

  • House training your new puppy or adult dog
  • Helping you choose the right dog breed and personality before you get a new puppy or dog
  • Preparing a dog for a changes in the family like a new baby
  • Moving into a new home
  • Dealing with problems with an older dog

For information on getting the best dog training in Los Angeles call Mona Lindau-Webb at 310-559-2321 or click here to email her.

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